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I'm not sure. If I were to guess or go through everything in all styles and projects from the past until now I'm sure there would be at least 10 albums worth along with many bits and pieces of ideas and experiments.

Hmmm? It has taken a long time to surrender to the fact that after all the learning, trial and error, experimenting and everything else, that I don't really care what anyone thinks about the work or if it makes a penny or not. It's about the music and letting it be found and be whatever it will be to whoever is listening.

It's about my own kids being able to have access to what I do or did that was an important part of life. It's about leaving what I have created musically available instead of buried away on tapes, hard drives and computers that could easily be disposed of.

I think it also took this long to be satisfied with what I am hearing during playback. Enough to think, that's it. Move on. If by chance anyone enjoys any track of my own the way I have from any of the music I have enjoyed in my life, that would be cool. It's always a good feeling when you discover good new music. There is so much undiscovered great music out there it really is insane. But people can, and do find it that hunt it.

In the end, it has to go no matter what. I am my worst critic. Time to let others have a go at me. I've been waiting 17 years and counting for Peter Gabriel to release a new album since his last. He's getting so old now almost anyone can call him and he will answer the fucking phone! But... love the man and still waiting.

It's whatever it is. I don't think about or target anything in particular when writing. I usually just find a mood or tempo I feel like getting into and go with it. There are things that are composed and arranged certain ways once I decide on what it should or could sound like. There really are no rules unless you are trying to write popular music of any kind. I know what I like and try to get what is in my head coming out of the speakers.

I like good shit from people that have written and performed great music both collectively with a band or alone. A short list would include Pink Floyd, Genesis, Talk Talk, Rush, Supertramp, Lennon and The Beatles. I really like the solo works of Peter Gabriel, Roger Waters, and early Phil Collins. But throw on Tears For Fears, Oasis, Lenny Kravitz, Neil Young, Paul Carrack, Zeppelin, Gorrilaz... If it's good... Let it play.

I can also have an 80's pop or British invasion station streaming in the background while I work and never miss a beat. I can just as well flip over to Groove Salad, down tempo music and enjoy that all night too. 

My respect for what Mark Hollis provided the music world with is huge both musically and remaining true to the art and not the industry. The album Laughing Stock pretty much explains it long before garbage like Radiohead was shit out. Also have a listen to The Color Of Spring.

Hollis once said, "You should never listen to music as background music. Ever. Late at night definitely. In a very calm mood with no distractions."  And, “Before you play two notes, learn how to play one note. And don’t play one note unless you’ve got a reason to play it.” - Mark Hollis

These are lessons in music.

Recent news of the passing of Mark Hollis in February 2019 was deeply sad and an addition to Lennon's execution in December 1980 that reduced the amount of music delivering anything of substance, purity and meaning tremendously. Sorry kids, find what they left behind or anything else that learned from or was influenced by their contributions to the music world and enjoy it.

It's harder to sit back and let music just whiz through one ear and out the other when you write as well. You dissect and hear everything and even add or remove things you are hearing in the music while listening.

And speaking of Roger Waters, if there was just one song the entire world should hear at the same time if it were possible, it should be, and thankfully from someone with his delivery ability, the title track from his album that I beleive is one of the few that qualify as a genuine musical Masterpiece. Amused To Death

I thought the following comment a 13 year old boy posted about the song was important enough to include:

The dissapointing teenagers, kids and young adults of this generation will be amused to death with their gadgets and brainwashed with their technology. I've already got the message Roger had delivered in this song, but the young will be brainwashed still. Yes, I am thirteen years old but I want to live in the 60s where Trump isn't the president, where there isn't much technology but good television, radio, wired-telephones and the latest portable boombox at most. Yes, I use my phone to text my girlfriend, but what doesn't every teenager do? Send a letter in the post to her house. Amazing. Snapchat is a place for texting, not a bloody filter palace. I hate Snapchat for that reason but that is all my girlfriend is on :( stupid generation. Chart music is shit. I hate the 2000s, even though I was born in it.
- Zak Ramsey

My roots are Italian. I was born in and currently reside in Niagara Falls, Canada. My parents were born and raised in Italy and moved to Canada in the mid 50's and had 9 children. 8 boys and 1 girl. Almost a perfect run! Our sister say's she wouldn't have wanted it any other way. When I think of all the things we have put her through over the years, it really is a beautiful lie.

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