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Music recorded in numerous locations with performances by multi-talented musicians. Although this music will be new to you, some of it may have been dormant on hard drives in the studio for months or even years. The tracks here have been selected to be released first and are among some of the best. You just might discover something to add to your own world of music.

"Most superstars that are gone would have traded all their talent, fame and fortune to be you right now. If you're reading this, you're better than Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee and even John Lennon today. Be thankful and live." - E. C.


Welcome to the all new Worldlink One website. There are 12 tracks being worked on in our studio right now that will be available here for free streaming or to purchase when complete. High quality 24BiT audio versions will also be available. We were so excited about the new website that we wanted to make it available for you to preview now!

A lot has changed both in the site and the music. If you enjoy music by artists like the ones's found in THE STORY section below, this album will be sure to please your ears. The new album is filled with cleverly crafted bass and drum grooves, atmospheric synth performances, pianos, sax, powerful guitar playing and songs that are sung with true feel.

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Here is something completely different from the current project you can have a look and listen to that was inspired by the health crisis we are experiencing. Please be safe and healthy and keep doing whatever is required to help save lives and get things back to normal as soon as possible. WATCH VIDEO

All instrument tracks and musician performances are complete... Maybe. Voice tracks are being worked on and recorded at every opportunity and so far sounding the way they should. Unlike most music nowadays that can involve a single person surrounded by loops and poop, there are several human beings performing with real instruments on very demanding arrangements.

This, of course, makes everything overall sound personal, intimate and real. Hopefully things can get wrapped up in the next little while with the voice work as that will leave the mixing and mastering which can be a smooth sail or a rocky road depending on what direction and sound best suits the entire project.

Good things come to those that wait. Great things come to those that wait longer.

Well... the summer has neared it's end and we are still a bit further behind than originally hoped for. At this stage, most the voice tracks are to be recorded which will lead to final mixing and mastering. Although you sometimes want to be working in the studio more, it just doesn't seem possible with other things in life that require attention.

It can be frustrating when you get so near completing a project that has been in the works for a while. But, like they say, good things come to those that wait. And Lord knows, I have waited. I am eager to write and work on more music but have been holding off in order to focus on the project at hand. That might be best for now. Or not.

Happy to report that major obstacles have been overcome in the recording process and we are now even closer to the album being completed. All of the music tracks are almost complete. The last instrument parts, mainly guitars, have been recorded.

Next, we will be moving to the voice tracks, mixing and finally mastering. Things are sounding great overall. We are building a new vocal room in the studio which is almost ready for action and should provide another source for delivering a perfect sound to the many voice and harmony tracks.

Soon, we should be able to post one of the tracks from the album right here for you to preview and purchase that will give you a good example of what's to come and hopefully grab your attention and keep you on the edge of your seat. Read on and stay tuned... 


It's a long story but I can highlight some of the relevant things. I started playing instruments, writing and recording music because I wanted to be a part of the music I enjoyed listening to. At a very early age, around 10 or so, I heard Peter Gabriel for the first time. Solsbury Hill was blasting on my brother's stereo as I listened while playing outside. I was amazed by the sound, voice and melody. Never stopped listening and searching ever since.

I grew to love and follow bands like Genesis, Pink Floyd, Talk Talk, Supertramp, Rush, Yes, John Lennon and of course, The Beatles among others. I listen to music that sounds good no matter where it came from.

Starting off with playing drums, things evolved over time to piano, synth and voice. I never have considered myself a vocalist but record voice when needed simply because someone has to. And since I am always up all night, I just do it.

I write all of my music but have been fortunate enough to have some very gifted musicians perform on tracks at times. You will also be lucky to hear these people perform. They are extremely professional and charismatic musicians.

Long story short. I've done quite a bit. Have had it both very hard and easy at times. Had many jobs, currently own and run an IT company, have a woman I don't deserve that has given me two of the best little boy's in the universe, the first who I named Lennon and the second who I tried to name Gabriel or Harrison but lost that battle. She named him Logan. Something to do with a super hero she liked. I got it when the movie came out by the same name. But through all of this, one thing has remained constant. Writing music.

I have written a lot of music over the years. Somehow, sooner or later, I end up in the studio recording. I really don't know what the fuck I would do without that in my life. Bowling? Model planes? Collecting stamps? ... No.


Some music works out. What makes it more satisfying is when gifted musicians perform on anything you write. I never take that for granted. Great people and memories.



Voice / Piano
Synth / Drums


Sergio Ceniccola

Bass / Guitar
Backing Voice


Tony Ceniccola



Tim Letkemann

Special Guest


Vernon Coakley

Special Guest


Scott Richardson

Special Guest


Morris Villella

Special Guest
Backing Voice


Samantha Breanne

Special Guest
Voice "Lights Out"


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